5 Reasons You Should Hire A Pro Wedding DJ, Especially A Professional One.
December 31st, 2019

    Simply put, we are the professionals and with amateurs, they don’t have the same experience and fundamentals that a long time professional can provide. The amateur does this for “fun”, while the pro has to do this for a living. Doing so, they have 100% interest in their business and ensuring the client has a remarkable experience that is remembered as fun, happy, and to the client’s needs.
    Again, what does a professional do different? Planning, as we have more than music to shuffle. We need to commit to a timeline that drives the crowd at a wedding to create the experience and yet, coordinate with key wedding members such as the groom, or bride’s maid. Also, vendors, food ceremonies, and speeches. With experience, we know how to avoid and handle certain disasters too.
    With a Professional, comes diversity as we are expected to have a grasp for various crowds at various events. Making sure the majority of the crowd can follow and keep a confidence with the music to dance.
    The Professionals are prepared. There are times a venue is missing lighting, or a photographer lacks light backups for whatever reasons the mains break. Amateurs can’t typically handle that, but we can. We also have better equipment because we should. A system that doesn’t echo, speakers to handle the arrangement, and knows how to handle song requests.
    We have a history and aren’t going anywhere. The amateur could quit, find a new field to work in, or just not have the same quality you can get from a professional Wedding DJ.


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