5 Questions To Ask Before Booking a DJ.

February 6th, 2020

Hiring a DJ for any event, even your wedding does not have to be complicated, however, there are some things that you should be made aware of. This discussion hopes to make clear some assumptions and questions that you should be able and are comfortable asking your DJ. 

Q1: Is this a side job, or a full-time career for the person you wish to hire?

While not all professionals may have the experience, income, and track record to work as a full-time DJ, this doesn’t mean they aren’t capable. In fact, it just means you have to pay a bit more attention to the person you are hiring. That is, a lesser experienced DJ may be 1-dimensional in their music tastes and lack the musical archive to play a variety of music for the audience. 

Q2: Does the DJ allow for requests, or customization?

Every event, Wedding or not, should be special. That is, the DJ should be able to make it unique and fun, but not based on their preference. Instead, the preference of the guests and customers, that’s you! The DJ should be prepared to play, really, anything, except maybe unfamiliar content like polka musica. Either way, you need to clarify what you can and can’t do or play before hand, but remember you dictate the music, not the DJ. If you give the Dj a playlist and they refuse to play it, or change it, you can always contact us.

Q3: Song Requests During Event

The newly wedded couple is dancing and talking to everyone, the bride is laughing and the groom is showing off his moonwalk. Do you really want to interrupt to ask if they are okay for the newly acquired brother in law to play smash mouth? No, you don’t. What you want is a DJ who can handle these requests and to do so beforehand. The DJ can establish a set playlist, let the newly weds filter requests, or have someone else trusted do the filtering if you don’t want the DJ to make any request that is asked. 

Q4: What offer services does the DJ offer?

Seriously, a real professional is prepared for any event in any industry and should know someone, or have the services available to be provided themselves. If they don’t know anyone this could mean they are simply inexperienced, or have burned bridges with previous networks from past events. An obvious red flag. Now, some other services that a DJ should be able to help with by recommending or providing themselves, include; drone and video recordings, specialty lighting, photography, and technology services like PA systems or wireless microphones. If you need someone, contact us!

Q5: Mr. Dj, I have relatives over the age of 50 who don’t drink, how do we fire them up?

Really, this is what the DJ lives for. They could listen to music all day long, but they would rather play for a crowd and get them on the same energy, but you need to make sure they can do it FOR YOU. Make sure they have a plan, steps, or you can coordinate to make one and get the crowd fired for the event. The Dj needs to read the crowd and build them up, maybe by playing a classic we all know, or a throwback to the Bride’s College days. Ask your DJ about their past events and sometimes they had to ‘save the event’. 


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